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Blinder MINI valo tuo näkyvyttää pimeällä ja myös lisänäkyvyyttä valoisaan aikaan. Valoteho 20 lumenia. Tekee sinut nähdyksi jopa 800m päähän. Paino vai 18g. Kiinnitys ilman työkaluja mukana tulevalla kiinnitysremmillä. Sopii useimpiin tankoihin (22-32mm). Mitat 31 x 31 x 14mm

Valaisualue 20 astetta.

5 eri valotoimintoa. Ladataan USB portista. Lampussa integroitu USB liitäntä, erillisiä kaapeleita ei tarvita. Latausaika n 2,5h.


Kirkas: 2,5h
Himmeä 4,0h
Vilkkuva 3,8h
Fancy flash 3,5h
Eko vilkkuva 11,5h

The Blinder MINI Dot is the ideal commuter bike light. Perfect for riding on well-lit roads at night and in daylight for added visibility. Dot’s surface mounted LEDs punch well above their weight, outputting 20 lumens of light at the front getting you seen from up to 800m away. With a weight of only 18 grams the light uses its tool-less attachment to securely connect to handlebars and frames of 22-32+mm. Designed to fit both standard and oversize handlebars.

LIGHT TYPE : Front Bike Light
LIGHT OUTPUT : 20 lumens
DIMENSIONS : 31 x 31 x 14mm
WEIGHT : 18g

The Blinder Mini Dot uses surface mounted LEDs to keep you seen both night and day. With a runtime of up to 11.5 hours on eco-flash mode the Mini will keep you lit all night long. Plus it’s super quick to charge taking only 2.5 hours to recharge fully.


The same strap system as the Blinder MOB means stronger silicone + interchangeable straps. 3x for rear and 2x for front. And with a notch in the rear of the light – just like the Blinder MOB, for aero posts and bars.

Strap sizes: Short Ø 22-27MM, Medium Ø 27-32MM, Large Ø 32MM+.


We’ve applied the same successful LED options from the Blinder MOB. From the Blinder MOB, we’ve learnt that the market loves all three options – COB, array, and single faceplate. Or as we like to call them, Chippy, Niner, and Dot.


Just unclip, remove from seat post or handlebars and plug straight in to any available USB socket to recharge. That’s it. No external charge cables = no worries + many hours of cable searching saved. Go forth & use those saved hours to do something productive, like riding your bike or wood turning.

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